relationships have
their ups and downs
and this song is about
one of the down times...

when loves takes a
turn for the worse you
always try to hang on...

but eventually there
gotta let go...

it's sometimes easier
said than done...

at least that's  what
"they" say  whoever
"they" are..
what i say
you and i had been together for so long
then one day you said to me that your love was gone
though i tried to change your mind and work it out
you were sure of what you felt you had no doubt

since that day i've tried to leave it all behind
but there's not a day goes by you're not on my mind
though i know that you and i will never be
it's so hard to say these words that will set me free

i don't love you any more
at least that's what i say
mut my heart tells a different story
so do these tears on my face
i tried to convince myself
since you turned and walked away
i don't love you anymore
at least that's what i say