my friend john and his
brother frank own
some land in
tennessee on which
they've planted a wide
variety of trees...

i visited their place
several years ago in
the early fall when the
leaves had just begun
to change colors...

i kept that memory for
all these years and
recently wrote this
song after looking
at some pictures i
had taken when i was

my thanks to john and
frank for sharing the
memory of their
tennessee mountain

also in memory of dan
fogelberg and his song
"old tennessee"...may he
rest in peace..
tennesee mountain home

left my home as a young man
with my wings unfurled
and i have done the best i can
to make my way in this world

but i knew it was just a matter of time
as i went on my way
i always knew in the back of my mind
that i'd be back some day

been on the road for so long
and i've been so alone
but now it's time for me to go back to my
tennesee mountain home

when the leaves change from summer to fall
and there's a chill in the air
from down in the holler i can hear the call
that makes me wanna be there

life has not been easy
and i've lost at love a time or two
but the time has come for leavin'
i know what i must do

the feeling's with me so strong
no matter where i roam
i know that i've got to head back to my
tennessee mountain home

i've been gone for so long
and i've been so alone
now it's time for me to head back to my
tennessee mountain home
my tennessee home
goin' home
back home
song starts automatically after a few seconds