when you've done all
you can do and it's still
not enough you gotta
let go...

some people no matter
what aren't meant to
be because one or the
other can't make the
same commitment...

if you love them set
them free...

if they come back it
was meant to be...

but if they keep leaving
give up !!!

see the look in my eyes
it should come as no surprise
after what you’ve done to me

you and i have tried
tried to live one life
but it wasn’t meant to be

time has taken it’s toll
you’ve got a wandering soul
you can’t love only me

it’s so hard... lovin’ you
so hard...tryin’ to hold you
so hard...gonna let you be

so hard...lovin’ you
so hard... i can’t control you
so hard...gonna set you free

hope there comes a time
when you will change your mind
and you’ll be by my side

live your life your way
then perhaps some day
you’ll no longer hide

it’s so hard...lovin’ you
so hard... don’t know what to do
so hard...gonna let you be

so hard...lovin’ you
so hard...can’t get through to you
so hard...gonna set your free
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