ain't no place like

especially if you got a
hottie waitin' for you...

ain't nothin' like the
real thing baby...
private lives

i get up to go to work each day
punch the clock and do my time
everybody wants it done their own way
it's enough to make me lose my mind

but i don't worry when the day is done
'cause then my time is all my own
i'm the only one in this whole world
that has you waitin' for me at home

when i get you home at night it's like a symphony
you and me

we live our private lives
nobody else will ever see
we live our private lives
girl, it's just you and me

such a a crazy world we're livin' in
sometimes it seems i'll never cope
i try each day to do the best i can
tryin' not to give up hope

when it seems like it's just to much
and the end is gettin' hard to see
i turn around and i head back home
to the love you have waitin' for me
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