my favorite sport and
still known as the
national past time...
some people think it's
boring but getting a
group of kids
or adults together and
going to or playing the
game is not...
anyone of any
size,shape or level of
fitness can play...
as with any sport there
are those who are
better than others...
you don't have to be
big or strong or really
you just have to want
to have fun...
watching a game in
person is relaxing or
can be full of tension
as well because you
never know when
something is going to
happen and if nothing
does that can be
exciting too...
the thrill of watching a
no hitter is as intense
as anything you can
think of...
the beauty of a
double play or the
majesty of the long
the cheers and
jeers of the crowd...
the smell of popcorn...
the smile on a kids
face when they get a
foul ball...
the bright sunshine
and the color of the
grass on the field...
all i can say is...
take me out to the ball
play ball
featuring cma award winner bob cole

once again good afternoon ladies and gentlemen
it's another beautiful day for baseball
as we get ready for today's game between the visiting villains
and our hometown heroes, right now, taking the field

i'm out at the ballgame never felt so well
gonna root for the home team give the other team hell
got my hat on my head and my ticket in my hand
can't wait for the umpire to strike up the band

play ball...that's all that matters today
play ball...i'll cheer my worries away
play ball...here with my family and my friends
play ball...i hope the game never ends
play ball

got my book in my lap and i'm keepin' the score
don't get no better than this that's for sure
got my glove here beside me to grab me a ball
let's get this thing started, hey ump, make the call

play ball...what a day let's play two
play ball...one for me one for you
play ball...then let's do it again
play ball...it's a shame the game has to end
play ball

here's the 3-2 pitch...swing and a miss on a fastball
right down the middle..see ya
slow roller towards short...bare hands it for one
snag, pivot, got him double play
the pitch , the swing...it's back, back it's gone
circle the wagons and the bases we've got ourselves a ballgame

pass the peanuts and popcorn
have a drink or two
whether you're young or you're old
there's nothing better to do

play ball...let the game begin
play ball...may the fun never end
play ball...if the home team don't win it's a shame
play ball...take me out to the ball game
play ball
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