in mine as well as that
of many others,
your memories of
many things in your life
are tied to songs...

you remember a
person, place or thing
when you hear certain

it can "start you up",
help you "get your funk
on", and make you a
"dancin' machine", and
"soothe  the savage
beast", you can "get
down with your bad
self", "shake your
groove thing" have a
"rock and roll fantasy"...

when i am feeling sad
or lonely and just need
a lift i just "listen to the
my earliest memories involve music, such as sitting in front of a
black and white tv set (with "rabbit ears" antennas wrapped in
aluminum foil) watching the beatles on
ed sullivan trying to get
the best image possible on one of the  three channels available
and of which we really only got two...thank God they were on
one of the good ones...i was mesmerized as i saw these four
guys being idolized, adored and by some people abhorred...it
definitely made an impression on everyone in one way or
another good, bad or indifferent...i knew then that i wanted to
be a part of the "revolution"...

but it wasn't until many years later that i began my journey as a
songwriter which was a direct result of listening to and copying
the lyrics of countless songs over the years...i started learning
the guitar at 17 and wrote my first "real" song a few years after
that...it wasn't much of a song but it was a start...and i have
been attempting to communicate through this medium the best i
can ever since...

i hope that you enjoy something you see and hear on this
site...maybe a shared emotion, a phrase or even just one
thought...there are messages in the music and the words...my
only hope is that you can connect with something, anything and
be touched in one way or another...

               best of luck in love and life
                          and always
  wremember to wrock and wroll wresponsibly
my story