indecision on your part
sometimes  leads to
someone else's part...

luckily it worked itself
out in this situation at
this time...

but not in the "end"
after all...
she was such a lovely girl so young and full of life
i was still a drifter on my own
she said she loved me more than anyone before
i tried to tell her someday i'd be gone

we shared everything two people can share
but i hesitated every time it got too strong
thought i could hold off and she would still be there
like a fool i waited too long and now she's gone

sometimes lovin' her was easy
sometimes lovin' her was hard
but i still love her even though we're apart
sometimes lovin' her was the only thing
that made me feel alright
and lovin' her is what i'm missing tonight

i was afraid to love her afraid to cause her pain
i wasn't sure that i could settle down
used to livin' my life afraid to make a change
not used to havin' someone else around

but i hope she's doin' alright and i hope she's havin' fun
hope she finds someone to treat her good
if she ever needs me i'll come on the run
if she asked me to come back i would