the need or desire for
a special feeling that  
only a true love can

the longer the wait the
stronger the hold it can
have on you...
i can feel love's fire burnin"
loneliness is a flame in my heart
the wheels of desire inside me are turnin'
it won't be much longer 'til i fall apart

the night it seems keeps gettin' longer
the emptiness grows deeper each day
the need for love keeps gettin' stronger
inside i feel i'm slippin' away

lookin' for love
i need someone to hold onto
lookin' for love
someone to show me they care
lookin' for love
someone to share in what i do
lookin' for love
someone to always be there

the beat of my heart is slowly fadin'
it's only a whisper from deep i my soul
such a long time i've been waiting
can't wait any longer it's out of control
song starts automatically after a few seconds