this is one of the first
songs i ever wrote...

thoughts and dreams
that have crossed my

i imagined myself on
some life quest or
adventure  looking for
the one to share my
dreams with...

maybe the "holy grail"
of love and life which
may or may not exist
for me...
lonely place my mind

walkin' across the desert
with the sand blowin' in my face
or skippin'  across the ocean
to some adventure in a faraway place
sailin' around the universe
while lookin' out my window at home
noone knows these dreams i have
when i'm sittin' here alone

i've marched with trojan soldiers
being watched by their gods in the skies
and i've sat on tibetan mountaintops
and i've been to paradise
wherever the four winds blow
that's where i've made my home
reflecting on desires and loves
i've never known

and it's a lonely place my mind
but some day i hope to find
someone to share with me
all these things that i do
but until the time comes
i will find some way to bide my time
dreamin' of oceans to cross
or mountains to climb

ancient cities of ancient people
their ruins lay at my feet
kings nobles and tyrants
and others i chance to meet
i've dived for sunken treasure
risking life at all cost
i've seen the good the evil
the damned and the lost

oh i've seen so many different things
in all the places that i've been
but i can't get rid of this empty feeling
that i have within
but i'll keep searching 'til i find
some way to ease my pain
i'll search to the ends of the earth
in the wind and the rain
song starts automatically after a few seconds