the short poem in the
middle of this song was
shared with me by my
friend lisa in the hopes
that i could make a
song from it...

well, i tried but couldn't
so instead i wrote a
song around it...

a song of hope and
promise that she will
find the answers to her
questions and her

hey lisa...thanks for
sharing your thoughts
and your friendship !!!

and thanks to sara for
adding the softness of
her voice...

otherwise you would
have heard my gruff
tones !!!

p.s..this is know as the
ws (whitesnake

an inside joke...
hey lisa
lyrics by wrecks & lisa holding
recitation and harmony by sara ness

hey lisa...i just dropped in to say hello
hey lisa...i just wanna let you know
that i'm thankful to have you as a friend
and i'm hopeful that we'll be friends from now until the end

hey lisa...the skye's the limit for your dreams
hey lisa...here's a wish to you from me
in this life or another in whatever you do
my wish for you is for all your wishes to come true

hey lisa

how soft can a sunset be for the soul not to hear it
how tender would a touch be for a heart to break
how dark is the night before it blinds with it's brilliance
each eternal moment echoes taking a lifetime to fade

somewhere deep inside you heart or the back of your mind
you can find the answers that you seek to find

hey lisa...one more thing before i go
hey lisa...i know i've told you this before
in all the things you do and with everyone you meet
keep an open heart and mind and soul to possibilities

hey lisa
hey lisa
hey lisa
hey lisa
song starts automatically after a few seconds