lena guerrero ran for
office here in texas...

she faked her resume
and added to it that
she graduated from
the university of
texas...not !!!

she was not elected as
a result of the
controversy over her
faux pas...

she went to the big university
to study hard and to earn a degree
oh lena...l-e-n-a lena, l-l-l-l-lena

now there's a big political debate
about the fact she never really graduated
oh lena...l-e-n-a- lena, l-l-l-l-lena

but governor ann richards says that's okay
she's done a good job anyway
but i say this and i think you'll agree
what about honesty and integrity

well i'm not the world's most educated man
but i never tried to make people think i am
like lena...l-e-n-a lena, l-l-l-l-lena

who can you trust in this day and age
who will you read about next on the front page
after lena...l-e-n-a lena, l-l-l-l-lena

lena...l-e-n-a lena
what will you do lena

lena...l-e-n-a lena
who'll vote for you lena
song starts automatically after a few seconds