reflections on the
journey of "becoming a

just who or what that is
doesn't mean the
same thing for

but the journey along
the way is a mental,
physical and spiritual
one we all go through...
i will be a man

a new day comes with the sun
rising high above the plain
and my life has just begun
as each new thought fills my brain

i may live for many years
i pray my life is not in vain
and i will shed so many tears
both of joy and of pain

i will be what i am
i will try what i can
i will try to make a stand
i will try to be a man

i will climb the highest mountain
and fall down the other side
i will rise up to try again
to satisfy my foolish pride

i may stand up to lose or win
or i may cringe with fear and hide
and i will someday reach the end
to sleep with others who have tried

i will be what i am
i will try what i can
i will  make a stand
i will be a man
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