actually the words to a
children's book written
by my friend teresa

this is the second
effort in collaborating
with teresa...

she also wrote the
words to the song
"fantasy" on here...

if you are interested in
ordering a copy of the
book you can write to
teresa @ :


she will send you a
copy of the song with
the book...

if she doesn't, let me
know because that's
our deal !!!

you know,scratch my
back and i'll stab

just kidding or am i ???
Mama, can I hold the moon ?

Every night I hold my child
And gaze into her eyes.
She looks at me with innocence,
Begins her “how's” and “why's”.

I listen to her closely
She’s growing up so soon
Tonight she asked me
“Mama, can I hold the moon?”

“No”, I answered sadly
Because I hate to say
“You cannot hold the moon
It’s much too far away.”

“Mama”, she then said to me
“You said God is our friend
That He will love us always
From now until the end.”

There was silence for a moment
My child let out a sigh
“Mama”, she inquired of me
“Then why does God let children die?”

“Why does God let people roam
From place to place-without a home?”

“Why does God bring flood and drought?”
“Why do so many do without?”

“Why did God make drugs and crimes?”
“Why are grown-ups sad sometimes?”

“Why does God let people kill?”
“Why are some so very ill?”

“Tell me, Mama, with things this way
How can God be all you say?”

Then my child looked up at me
Into my tear-filled eyes
And she responded
“Mama, you don’t have to cry”

I held her even closer
I knew not what to say
The answers to these questions
I did not have today

“I hope your faith is strong, my dear
I pray you understand
That this is all a part
Of God, Our Father’s Plan.”

“The answers to these questions
We may never know
That is why our faith in God
Will have to grow and grow.”

“Now close your eyes, my darling
The morn will be here soon.
And in your dreams tonight…
You can hold the moon.”
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