anywhere else when
it's right in front of your

it ain't braggin' if you
can back it up...

i love, ya, want ya,
need ya...
you can do what you want
but you'll never find another
that can give you what i got

you can look all night
you can try all day
but you'll never get it right
until you come my way

don't try to run, don't try to hide
just take a look and here's what you'll find

you'll find a heartbeat that never let's you down
you'll find a heartbeat that'll always be around
you'll find a heartbeat no matter what you do
you'll find a heartbeat of a love that's true

take a look around babe
to see what you can see
but don't wait until it's too late
before you think about me

you can do what you want to
but i know you'll never find
someone who loves as much as i do
i know you're wastin' your time