this song was wriiten in
honor of cliff gustafson
former baseball coach
at the university of
texas and the many
players he coached
over the years...

the style of baseball he
coached of "doing
whatever it takes to
win" became known as

i was fortunate to be
an acquaintance of his
during his tenure and
presented this song to
him for his birthday in
his 25th year as head

when he retired he did
so as the winningest
coach in college
baseball history...

i was honored to be
invited to play this
song at his retirement
gusball : the legend continues

there's a game they play in austin
when the winter turns to spring
and the sunset turns that shade of orange
and the leaves all turn to green

they play it hard and they play it fast
do what it takes to win
and the man behind the plan
they call coach gus...cliff gustafson

they'll bunt the ball, hit it off the wall
use that hit and run
a double steal ain't no big deal
when that job needs gettin' done

from the first out to the last
they give it all they've got
never count those longhorns out
when ol' coach gus call the shots

it's time for gusball when you hear the call
of the eyes of texas
flash that hook'em horns for all to see
they call it gusball, gonna win 'em all
don't mess with texas
the orange and white will bring us victory

from the north down to the south
from the east coast to the west
no matter who or where they play
the longhorns are the best

from the chill of february
to june in omaha
everyone is wary
when those longhorns come to call
song starts automatically after a few seconds