webster's dictionary
defines friend as:

one attached to
another by affection or
esteem; a favored

from the old english
word freond and the
old german word friunt
meaning "love"...

this song is my
interpretation of what
the word means to

when you have a
friend you are lucky...
when you have a best
friend you are
when you have a
friend like me,
sometimes you wish
you didn't !!!
song for a friend

as we go through our lives
we learn from experience
we make mistakes along the way
we stumble now and then
we rise and fall through times big and small
and get up to try again
and learn who we can trust and rely on  
who we can call a friend

someone you can count on every now and then
someone you can talk to when you think you've reached the end
someone who will always be there through thick and thin
someone you can call a friend

they share a smile and a laugh
and a secret with you
hopes and dreams and sometimes things
that bring a tear or two
through good and bad, happy and sad
you will make it through
'cause you are there for them
and they are there for you

someone you can turn to when there's no one else around
someone who can bring you up when you're feeling down
someone you can lean on when it's time to make a stand
someone you can call a friend

when you're down they'll bring you up
when you thirst they'll bear your cup
when you've got no place left to turn
you've done all that you can do
a friend is there for you
song starts automatically after a few seconds