favorite sayings
or words of wisdom
that i have heard or
come up with over the
years that sound cool
or make you think...

if you want to share
one of your own...

spit it out !!!

if you think the way you always thought
you will always get what you always got

having the right to do something
doesn't make it the right thing to do

ask not what your country can do for you
ask what you can do for your country

remember your past mistakes
long enough to profit from them

we never fail unless we quit trying
so quit trying to fail

the future is only as far way as tomorrow
today is yesterday's tomorrow

it's never too early to start planning your life...
and it's never to late to change it...
unless the things you need to change kill you first

we can't look into the future to see what our lives will be like...
but we can determine it by what we do today...

in life you're either the hammer or the nail...
so would you like to get hammered or get nailed???

believe in miracles
but live in reality

keep your mind open to all possibilities...
but don't be afraid to close it to those things that can hurt you

don't give up hope...
give up the things that threaten to destroy it

if you don't believe in God...
there's no sense believing in anything else

where there's a will there's a way
where there is no will there's a way out

the will to win must come from within

when you've got nowhere else to turn
then just go straight ahead

strive to be a modest person
with  a lot to be modest about

make your dreams a reality
instead of your reality being just your dreams

do what you want and say what you think
for the people who mind don't matter
and the people that matter don't mind