we  affect and are
affected by everything
around us whether we
like it or not...

we can be good
stewards and do "all
the right things" but we
aren't alone in this

this song is about the
consequences of what
our "behavior" could
dark days

too many people tryin' to take from the earth
from the day they're born 'til the day they die
takin' what they can for all that it's worth
how can anyone survive

dark clouds gatherin' they cover up the sun
looks like a storm is on its way
man's judgement day is here his time has come
no place to run can't hide away

the dark days are comin'
better open your eyes
the dark days are comin'
better run for your life

peoples punishment for sin and greed
as the reaper draws his blade
reproduction of the devil's seed
mankind has sealed his final fate
song starts automatically after a few seconds