this song came from
one of my guitar
lessons my teacher
would give me to learn
for the next lesson...

i would get bored just
playing the chords in
order so i would just
write a song using the
new chords...

this one
was originally
called changes
because it's just a
bunch of chord
changes rearranged
into a song...

a few years ago, i
made some changes in
my life as well for my
own mental and
physical health..

part of that was going
to the town lake hike
and bike trail every
day rain or shine...

one day while i was
walking this song came
back to me so i
updated it and
recorded it and
renamed it happy

am i clever or what???

sometimes boredom
begets creation...
happy trails

there are no lyrics to this song...

it's an instrumental !!!