after stevie ray died a
local radio station held
a vigil in the park
where he used to

i was listening to it on
the radio and became
inspired to write this

i am a  fan and i do
appreciate people who
do what they do with
passion and soul...

carry on
( a tribute to SRV)

there were hard times, there were good times
all those nights out on the road
many times you crossed that fine line
to find yourself out in the cold

as you moved along from town to town
every time you hit the stage
people came from all around
just to hear you play

as you stood up in the spotlight
played your heart out in a song
it made everything seem alright
as we all sang along

play your blues for me
sing your melody
of the way you lived your life
of the things you felt inside

play your blues for me
an endless memory
you'll be with us in your song
as we try to carry on

we all feel the heartache
we all feel the pain
wishing that you could be
with us still again

you always gave it your best shot
and you never let us down
with that special touch you had
with your magical sound

we thank you for the memories
of all those special times
when we lived a little of your life
in your rhythms and your rhymes
song starts automatically after a few seconds