I moved to austin in
1975 to attend the
University of Texas
and have never left...I
wrote my first song in
Austin and many
songs and 40 years
later, I am still here....I
started my songwriting
here, started and
worked a couple of
careers here and
started and raised a
family here as well...

And  I wanted to celebrate my
40th anniversary in  Austin by
giving something back to the
community and city that has
given so much to me over the
years..So I wrote this song
called "AUSTIN...MY
HOMETOWN"...A tribute to all
of the people, places and
things that help to make and
song starts automatically after a few seconds
Austin My Hometown

Verse 1
Down along the Colorado
On the shores of its flowing waters
Is the town that's become the place for me
Between the rolling hills and the coastal plain
Is a special place that calls my name
Austin is where I'll always wanna be

Verse 2
It's an easy kind of living here
Where folks are friendly and full of cheer
And time is just a thing that passes on
We may fuss a little but we don't fight
We just wanna live a good life
And leave behind a better world when we're gone

Chorus 1
Well Willie's here and Matthew too
Sandra Bullock we all love you
Here in Austin...my hometown
We had Stevie Ray and you can't beat that
Hell we've even had Farrah and Robert Plant
Down in Austin...my hometown

Verse 3
We've got rednecks, hippies, yuppies and more
All kinds of dudes and pretty women galore
We've got ourselves all kind of folks around here
Some say we're all here 'cause we're not all there
But we'd rather be here than anywhere
Doin' everything we can to Keep Austin Weird

Chorus 2
We've got bats that fly in the dark of night
Both thunder and lightning and clear blue skies
Here in Austin...my hometown
We've got high school football on Friday nights
Scenic views and neon lights
Down in Austin...my hometown

Chorus 3
We've got Zilker Park and Barton Springs
Rock Island and Blues on the Green
Here in Austin...my hometown
We've got Antone's and the Broken Spoke
And now and then we drink and toke
Down in Austin...my hometown

Well the eyes of Texas are upon you
All the live long day
Yeah the eyes of Texas are upon you
You cannot get away

Chorus 4
On Sixth Street, and all over town
We've got people layin' music down
Here in Austin...my hometown
There's no doubt that the music's the best
We've got ACL and SXSW
Down in Austin...my hometown

Chorus 5
We argue politics and our differences here
But when the Longhorns play together we cheer
Here in Austin...my hometown
Longhorn fever and Texas pride
Come and Take It is our battle cry
Down in Austin...my hometown
Livin' in Austin...my hometown
Lovin' Austin...my hometown

Heck I didn't even mention the bbq around here
We've got Franklin's, the Salt Lick and Stubb's
We've got all sorts of things to do and places to see
Doesn't get any better than the Greenbelt and Mount Bonnell
and the Hike and Bike Trail on Town Lake
or Lady Bird Lake for you new folks
And of course there's Lake Travis and Lake Austin as well
You can tour the Capitol building right downtown here
After all it is the tallest one in the whole darn United States ya know
and there's the University of Texas down along the Drag
Speaking of drags though, we do have too much traffic here these days
But that just means we have time more time to sit around in our cars
and listen to all the great music we have down here
After all Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World
We've got Asleep at the Wheel, Eric Johnson, Jimmie Vaughan, Gary Clark Jr.
Old favorites like the Thunderbirds and Van Wilks and Omar and the Howlers
Heck even Jimmy Buffett rehearses for his tours here
And remember the Armadillo World Headquarters,
Club Foot, Raul's and the Vulcan Gas Company back in the day
And we still have the Continental Club, Threadgill's, Maggie Mae's, Emo's
And of course there is the Paramount Theater and the Austin 360 Amphitheater
and the Moody Theater new home of the Austin City Limits TV Show
Which just happens to be the longest running music show in television history
And they shoot a lot of TV shows and movies around here too
With guys like Robert Rodriguez, Richard Linklater and others
You've probably seen a few of them like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Machete, Spy Kids, Outlaw Blues,Friday Night Lights
And if you like to play golf well we've got plenty of that here too
And did I mention the Star of Texas Rodeo and the ROT Rally
and the  Circuit of the Americas
So if you all  folks wanna come down here and visit we'll be right friendly and say
Howdy Y'all..Welcome to Austin...now go back where ya came from
Just kidding or am I ???'
Rex Parsons: AUSTIN...My Hometown